Dreaming of summer?! Nothing makes me crave summer more than a thick, luscious acai bowl. 

Want to know the secret to making the ultimate acai? 

A powerful blender. And not just your standard household blender. To achieve the thickness and smoothness that makes acai bowls so drool-worthy, you need a commercial graded blender with some serious gusto. 

Enter the MOD Blend Pro

For those unacquainted with our MOD Blend Pro, it has a powerful 1,500W commercial grade motor. This makes it one of the most powerful blenders on the market. 

It can blend just about anything with ease, creating a smooth, creamy texture every single time. From nuts and seeds to dates and frozen fruit - it has you covered! 

Try out our all time favourite recipe below. It'll become your summertime go-to!

Top this acai bowl with whatever your heart desires. We have included some of our favourite toppings but honestly, the sky is the limit!  

August 16, 2023 — Mod Appliances