We know a juicer can seem like a big investment. It is a lot of money to pay all at once when you can just head on down to your local juice bar and pick up a juice all ready to go for less than ten bucks. There is no doubt that at some point in the future, making your own juice with the MOD Cold Press Juicer will become more economical than buying an over-the-counter juice but will this be within the first year after you purchase the machine or will you be trying to recoup the cost of the juicer several years down the track? 

Well we have done the maths for you! 

Firstly, let's provide a quick refresher on why cold pressed juice is superior to just regular juice. 

Cold pressed juices have become hugely popular the past couple of year, and for good reason! They have far more vitamins and minerals than conventional, centrifugal juicers, these nutrients are more easily absorbed by your body and the juice also tastes far superior.

For many of us, incorporating foods and exercise into our daily routine that promote our overall health and wellness is a non-negotiable priority, and if it seems worth it, we are happy to invest in it. But it is an added bonus where you can incorporate something like homemade cold press juices into your diet and actually save money compared with buying the same juice each day. 

So, sit tight and let's go through the figures below. 

Buy or DIY

At the time this article is written, the popular juice bar, Pressed Juicery, on the West Coast charges $6.75 for a cold pressed juice. 

If you decided that you were going to purchase a juice every day for one year, it would set you back: 

$6.75 x 365 days = $2,463.75 in one year 


Compared to a once off purchase of a MOD Cold Press Juicer at $349, plus the cost of your produce.

On average you would be saving over $2,110 per year if you make your own cold pressed juice!

And, don't forget, that juicing at home has the added benefits of eliminating plastic and providing you with the opportunity to reuse the pulp in your baking and cooking, boosting the fibre content of your future meals. 

Oh, and it can also make nut milk and nut meal / flour in minutes, saving you money there as well! 

Other benefits of DIY?

In addition to saving this hefty sum, juicing at home allows you to take full control over the quality of your produce, the combinations you use and the size of your juice. You can also tailor juicing to suit your lifestyle. Had a big weekend and want to start a detox straight away? Totally doable with MOD. Not only that, with your own MOD, you can also make your own healthy, refined sugar free sorbets!

MOD empowers you to take full control of your juice, and your health.

So what are you waiting for? 



May 17, 2021 — Mod Appliances
Tags: Juicing Tips